The situation in Ukraine

Published 2022-03-02

We are all following the worrying development in Ukraine that has now been going on for a week and due to this we want to update you on sea, rail and air transports between China and Europe.

Rail freight

Most of the railway lines and solutions available on the market are not directly affected by the situation as they do not pass-through Ukraine, however they are passing in nearby regions such as Belarus.

The operators are having an ongoing dialogue with the relevant authorities and previously established routes may change with short notice based on this dialogue, which may lead to delays.

Currently, there are no sanctions from the west that are affecting the rail transport.

Air freight

Russia has now chosen to close their airspace as a countermeasure due to western countries sanctions against them. This means that the total capacity within air freight is reduced, and the intended flight schedules may change.

Many airlines are changing their routes and limiting their departures to be able to handle the readjustment.

Sea freight

Most of the shipping companies that sign freight to / from Ukraine have for the time being stopped the possibility of booking new transports. Cargo that is on its way to Ukraine is redirected via other European ports, pending for new information.

During the day, most shipping companies also announced that they were temporarily pausing for new bookings to / from Russia. There is currently no announced blockade, by the European Union, on Russian vessels to operate in European water.

Overall, and regardless the mode of transport, we see a rising world market price for fuel, which we believe will affect all freight in the near future.

We continue to follow the development and you are welcome to contact us for further information.


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