C Land Logistics – an independent freight forwarder and logistics company.

Commitment beyond borders. Always.

As a neutral and independent freight forwarder, we create logistics and information flows based on our customer’s prerequisites. We work together with the world’s leading airlines and shipping companies to transport to and from every continent in the world. We place great value on our independence because it means that we can always be customer-focused and continually strive towards developing even better services.

Our task and our offer are clear: to create effective logistics flows that provide our customers with the prerequisites for growth and increased competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

Our customer promise is “Commitment beyond borders. Always.” For us, this involves having a genuine interest in our customers’ business, where the limits are not set by the number of consignments or size of your company but by the opportunities we can create together. We are committed to your business beyond borders and continents.

Why C Land?

Our personal commitment is a large part of our offer to you as a customer. With us, you and your business are important. When we create effective logistics flows this provides you with the prerequisites for growth, increased competitiveness, and profitability at the same time as providing security for you and your company.

The prerequisites for successful logistics are based on good communication and information. As a customer, you need to always feel well informed. For this reason, we have set the bar high for the information flow from our suppliers. During the entire process, we monitor the consignment and keep you up to date and well informed so that you can confidently focus on other things. In COS, the C Land Online System, you will, as a customer, have continuous access to the latest information available about your consignments.


A simple logistics solution

Trading in a global market is a complex process. For this reason, we have focused on the importance of transparency. When all parties are equally up to date with regard to whereabouts in the chain the goods are located, you get more time for your core business.

Our vision is to develop innovative logistics solutions that make our customers winners in a rapidly changing world. We succeed by being close to you as the customer and understanding the challenges of your business. Through understanding and communication, we can identify and create the most effective solution in order for your goods to arrive at the right time, at the right price. We are convinced that we have the best opportunity to develop our customers’ logistics solutions by operating as an independent freight forwarder without other special interests and by focussing fully on the customer.

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Sustainable freight and business

We always work towards long-term sustainability, regardless of whether this involves our relationships with customers and partners or environmental, financial, or social sustainability. We play an active role in our immediate community and are meticulous in our collaborations. You can use COS to calculate your environmental impact, and if you have more ideas about how we can help your company become more sustainable, we are happy to listen.

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