New attacks in the Red Sea

Published 2024-02-22

More than 65 days have passed since the first attack in the Red Sea, and while media coverage has become silent, the situation remains uncertain in the area.

This Monday, a British-registered vessel approaching the Bab Al-Mandeb strait was attacked. Reportedly, the crew could evacuate the vessel safely, and military units are on site. Additionally, an American-owned bulk carrier was attacked over the weekend, two times within a few hours. The rebels claim that their attacks on the mentioned vessels were a response to the actions that the US took against them on Saturday.

Despite the offensive attempts of both the US and the UK to disarm the rebels’ capabilities for further attacks, the situation in the area remains uncertain and unpredictable.

As mentioned earlier, some maritime traffic continues to sail through the Bab Al-Mandeb strait and the Suez Canal. However, it is noted that all container ships to/from Europe – Asia sail via the Cape of Good Hope as a precautionary measure.

According to Lars Jensen, an expert in the container shipping industry, the European Union recently announced that they will send several warships to help protecting the maritime traffic in the area, known as Operation Aspides. In contrast to the US and the UK, the European Union adopts a defensive stance and will not attack rebels on land but only assist at sea for a few weeks.

In summary, the uncertainty in the area continues and the industry is adjusting to the “new normal” with longer lead times, increased costs, and changes in the intended schedules.

At C Land Logistics, we continue to monitor the situation and provide ongoing updates to those affected.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!


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