C Land Logistics Solutions – an overall solution for logistics

By taking overall responsibility for your logistics, we can develop solutions that make you competitive – for real.

An overall solution for your logistics

Through C Land Logistics Solution, we take partial or overall responsibility for the customer’s logistics. We work together as a unit and coordinate your entire logistics chain. CLL LS becomes the link between your organization and supplier, carrier, warehouse, and customs.

Through CLL LS, we strive towards an integrated function throughout the entire business process. In this way, we can operate in such a way that you can achieve the highest possible business value. C Land has a genuine interest in customers’ activities and businesses. It is as a result of this interest that we can create real value.

Based on the customer’s business, we map needs and create a solution that is optimal for our customer’s organization. As a customer, you will always have access to the C Land Online System – COS. You always have access to the latest information about your consignment in COS.

Our aim with CLL LS is to create the prerequisites for growth and competitiveness for our customers.


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Effective logistics services

C Land Logistics is a neutral and independent shipping company that is an experienced operator in a worldwide market for sea and air transports. We have an extensive network of selected agents and partners, which gives us a local presence all around the world. Our commitment is beyond borders.

Our offer is a clear one: to create effective logistics flows that give our customers the prerequisites for growth and increased competitiveness.

We will keep you up to date in COS – the C Land Online System – throughout the entire logistics chain.

We put great emphasis on always offering professional and personal service. We are here to help you navigate your way through a worldwide logistics market and make what may feel complicated as easy as possible.

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